Monday, January 25, 2016

Thygius IV: Background

The Easterm fringe, the frontier of the Imperium. Almost blind to the Light of the Astronomican. These worlds of the Emperor are at the furthest reach of his armies, but never beyond.

Here dwells Thygius IV, classified as a Quarantined World by the Inquisition.

At the present, automated Imperial orbital beacons encircle Thygius IV, declaring the world forbidden to all traffic and communion with the wider Imperium. The reason for this has been lost, save for the fact that it was Lord Inquisitor Ulliquell of the Ordo Malleus final command.

Recently, by the order of Adeptus Administratum, Bothnian 50th army has started to probe Thygius IV and slowly explore and garrison the planet.

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